Portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) or as it is sometimes know Hand Held XRF, is a small light weight analytical instrument. These state of the art instruments are used as a non-destructive test method on a variety of materials to determine the elemental analysis and chemical analysis in the range of Mg to U. Typical applications are Alloy Analysis in industrial locations and scrap markets, Mineral Analysis in mining and exploration, Environmental remediation and Lead Paint identification and  testing of Precious Metals, just to name a few.


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History of Portable XRF

The NIton Product Range
Niton XL
The worlds first truly hand held XRF
Niton XLII
In the early 2000's the improved XLII was launched
Niton XLp, XLt & XLI
Launched in 2003
Niton XL3t
Launched in April 2007